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About us

Service Excellence, through Innovation and Diligence.

Our success is based upon our unique adopted philosophy within our company Structure and Directorship that believe we should be directed from the Top down, but managed on a day to day basis from the Bottom up.

By managing from the bottom up, with the guidance and assistance of our experienced line managers, our site engineers are given more flexibility and autonomy to continually evaluate and asses the entire site for future maintenance issues that may arise, and not only deal with present ones.

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  • An 'intelligent' help desk - with one number to call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Guaranteed response times to breakdown calls,ave 2-4 hours 

  • Experienced management teams dedicated to providing you with a totally tailor-made service

  • A team of service co-ordinators providing seamless service delivery

  • Multi-skilled maintenance engineers 

  • Trend reporting 

As FM professionals, we bring a vast array of knowledge and experience when dealing with a multitude of trying challenges.

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